Aspen Athletic Club reveals 10 high school seniors awarded free body makeovers

Ten seniors from Central New York were selected to receive free personal training for their last year of high school.


spen Edge has selected the ten high school seniors who will get a free body makeover. The candidates submitted essays which detailed their goals. Each of them has a different story.

Annalyse Cerio, a senior at Chittenenago High School, has already come a long way to get to this point.

"I was in a car accident at age six and I was in a coma for about three weeks and I was in a wheelchair for most of my early school ages and a lot of people were able to do stuff I wasn't able to do and I felt left out," says Cerio.

They all have different reasons to get in shape. For Ayana Kilpatrick, a senior at Jamesville Dewitt High School, it's about losing weight.

"I've always struggled with my weight during my childhood. During this time now, my senior year, if I get my weight under control then I can go into college with a healthy lifestyle and maintain it so I wont gain the weight back," says Kiopatrick.

For Wahhaj Beg, a senior at Manlius Pebble Hill, it's about gaining weight.

"I've always been known to my friends and my peers as the little kid. I'm the smallest one and I want to change that. I want to gain some muscle and get healthy," says Beg.

For Husam Jameel, a senior at Fowler High School, it's about achieving an athletic goal.

"I've been playing tennis since the start of high school but I didn't get to go to sectionals where most of my friends got to sectionals," says Jameel.

For Callie Campbell, a senior at West Genesee High School, it's about achieving self confidence at a critical time in her life.

"It's one of the last few things I want to wrap up. I'm finishing high school, I'm going to be an adult. I'm going off to college and I want to get in shape and feel comfortable," says Campbell.

It was a hard decision selecting these ten, according to program manager, Terri Todd.

"I love these ten because their goals are so much different and their backgrounds are different," says Todd.

This is only the beginning. Now that the ten selected seniors have met their Aspen Athletic Club trainers and talked about their goals, training will start right away with a minimum of two sessions per week.

Those who complete the training will be rewarded with great prizes to be used toward your senior ball. Bliss Bridal and formal wear will provide 50% off prom gowns. Givonanni's is providing tuxedo rentals, Markowitz Florist will provide a corsage and boutonniere, plus a gift certificate from Alfa Bar and Dining Room.