Assemblyman Stirpe drops F-word and apologizes

State Assemblyman Al Stirpe is apologizing for his foul language during a meeting last week with gun control protesters.


ust before thousands of gun owners protested on the lawn of the state capital last week

, many of them visited with their local state assemblyman and senator asking them to repeal of state's tough new gun laws called the SAFE Act. During the meeting with Cicero Assemblyman Al Stirpe, who voted in favor of the gun control laws, witnesses say the exchange became heated and Stirpe used the "F" word. Some of the protesters claim children were nearby.


Mastrogiovanni is a board member of the pro-gun organization, S.C.O.P.E.. He did not attend the meeting but his fellow members did. Mastrogiovanni has written a letter to Stirpe demanding an apology for his foul language and included a toothbrush along with a bar of soap. "As a sitting assemblyman from this district meeting with your constituents and you start swearing at them, does that make your office look good? Does that make the assembly look good? Is that what you think of all of us because we believe in our cause?" Mastrogiovanni told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon.

Assemblyman S

issued a statement which read in part, "I sincerely apologize for losing my cool, but we do have to do something about gun violence. While I agree that the NY SAFE ACT could definitely use some amendments, I do not believe a complete repeal is justified and unfortunately that is all some people want and that is why I got so frustrated."