At the height of tax season, help in saving money

We will answer your income tax questions Wednesday evening. And, check the story above for help in savings on property taxes.

Taxes are on lots of peoples minds, and we have help!

If you're working on income taxes, we have a phone bank in the CNYCentral studios on Wednesday, 5 - 6:30pm to answer your questions and concerns.

And, Manlius Tax Assessor Patrick Duffy reminds that you have til March 1st to apply for the STAR property tax exemption.

If you make less than a half million a year, you're entitled to the basic property tax deduction. If you are turning 65 this year, or are older, there is also an enhanced STAR deduction, if there's a total annual income of $79,050 or less..

Duffy says you have to sign up for that, too, with your tax office, it does not happen automatically, even if you have the basic.

For more on STAR (it stands for School Tax Relief) check the state tax website or call 877-678-2769