Attorney General Eric Schneiderman discusses public issues

Bath salts


ew York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was in town. He joined other state and local officials at the Everson Art Museum to talk about how important community issues are being addressed.

The town hall meeting discussed several topics ranging from gun control to education. One issues Schneiderman was specific to point out was his involvement in helping to curb the use of bath salts.

"We couldnâ??t keep up with the drug, so our Watertown office came up with the idea that none of these products meet the consumer protection and laboring laws, so we've been all over the State, including here. We've gotten injunctions in every corner we saw one. We shut down stores and cleared off the shelves,' says Schneiderman.

He will be back in Syracuse tomorrow. He's announcing a new initiative by his office to address the effects of the foreclosure crisis.

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