Attorney General issues concussion alert for fall football season

The New York Attorney General's Office is issuing a consumer alert for the fall football season, reminding school officials of their legal responsibility to bench players showing symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury.

The state law effective in 2012 requires keeping players out until they have no symptoms for at least 24 hours and have written doctor approval to play again.

Usually temporary, concussions can cause headaches and problems with concentration, memory, judgment, balance and coordination.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman notes no helmet completely protects players, regardless of manufacturer claims, and there's little research into after-market extras like liners, bumpers, pads and electronic devices promising to reduce the risk.

â??Football helmets were developed to protect against massive head trauma, but unfortunately, weâ??re seeing more evidence they have not been designed to prevent less immediately catastrophic injuries like concussions,â?? said New York State Senator Kemp Hannon (R-Nassau) in a media release.

Schneiderman says youth league coaches and parents should also learn the risks and limit practice contact and helmet-to-helmet hits.

Schneiderman says that while some manufacturers offer add-ons for football helmets that promise to reduce the risk of concussion, there is little research evaluating the effect of physical impact on young athletes, and risk-reduction claims about helmets designed for adult players may not be relevant to youth.

"Itâ??s important to remember that no helmet can fully prevent a concussion,â?? said Schneiderman. â??Ensuring that manufacturers donâ??t mislead the public and endanger young New Yorkers is a key concern for my office. Just as important, we must work to educate young athletes and their parents about how to reduce the risk of concussion and detect early warning signs on the field.â??

Earlier this month, Pop Warner coaches and parents were

taught how to recognize the warning signs

of concussions at Henninger High School in Syracuse. On Thursday morning, CNY Central's Brandon Roth spoke with Henninger High School's football coach Dave Kline about safety.

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