Attorney General may seek to have a notorious sex offender commited to a psychiatric facility

Raymond Younis


here's no confirmation yet from the
State Attorney General's Office, but it appears the office may be looking into whether notorious Oswego County sex offender Ray Younis should be confined to a secure psychiatric facility before his release from prison.


CNY Central was first to report, Younis is due to be released from the Cayuga Correctional facility on July 14 after serving 16 years of a 20 year sentence for sexually assaulting 17 boys in and around the Village of Phoenix during the mid 90's. Younis pled guilty to 86 counts of sex abuse, but prosecutors and police say there were more victims. Because of the statute of limitations, Younis escaped prosecution in connection with those other victims.


County District Attorney Gregory Oakes confirms that his office was recently contacted by the State Attorney General in order to obtain records pertaining to a previous conviction of Younis during the '80's. Oakes says he turned over the information, but could not confirm whether the Attorney General will seek to have Younis committed to a psychiatric facility prior to his pending release. A spokesperson for the Attorney General's office, told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon, "Because this is an open case, we can't comment as per our policy."


akes has contacted the
Office of Mental Health to express his concern that Younis, now 52 years old, continues to be a threat to the community if he is released from prison. The Office of Mental Health is reportedly conducting a mental evaluation of Younis. Based on that evaluation and recommendation, the Attorney General would have the option of taking Younis to court to have him committed to a secure facility for an indefinite period of time.