Attorney General warns of scam targeting Microsoft Windows and Office users

A new scam is targeting Windows and Microsoft Office users.

The State Attorney Generalâ??s Office says they have fielded several complaints from people who were called by scam artists who were pretending to be affiliated with a company that promises to fix slow running computers and get rid of viruses.

In reality, theyâ??re just looking to get a hold of your information and trick you into paying them.

The Attorney Generalâ??s Office says the scammers appear to be operating from overseas, and speak with heavy foreign accents.

If you get a call like this, officials recommend that you hang up. They also say you should never give out your passwords or billing information.

If you fell victim to the scam and were charged, the Attorney Generalâ??s Office says you should fight the charges with your credit card company, and consider closing your account.

Then, file a complaint with the Attorney Generalâ??s Office by calling the consumer hotline at 1-800 771-7755 or go to the Attorney Generalâ??s website.