Auburn and Syracuse airspace restricted during presidential visit

The White House has not revealed where President Obama will spend the night during his visit to Central New York, but the Federal Aviation Administration has cleared the airspace over Auburn for Thursday night into Friday morning.

A Notice to Airmen or NOTAM issued this morning alerted pilots a circular area with a radius of 30 nautical miles centered over Auburn is off limits to any aircraft except for military aircraft that is supporting the United States Secret Service and the Office of the President of the United States.

The temporary air restriction begins Thursday August 22nd at 7:30 pm EDT and concludes 10:00 am EDT on Friday, August 23rd.

Law enforcement, air ambulance and firefighting operations aircraft need approval before entering the primary restricted air space.

Commercial flights operating on the outer ring will be allowed to flight designated routes, but they are not allowed to loiter and must remains in radio contact with air traffic control. Syracuse's Hancock Airport would be included in the outer ring of the temporary restriction which means commercial flights will continue, but pilots will have to follow explicit rules during take off and approaches.

The President and White House staff are not expected to be flying into or around Auburn as he is on his Upstate New York bus tour. However, this air restriction is part of routine Secret Service security planning when the president visits a community.

Similar notices have been filed to correspond with the President's visit to Buffalo Thursday morning and his anticipated bus route travel on the Thruway toward Syracuse in the afternoon.