Auburn community prays for Baby Easton's recovery from his blistering skin condition

The Auburn community prays for Easton's recovery as he is in the hospital.

Little Easton Friedel has been in Golisano Children's Hospital for ten days now. Seeing the little guy's pictures from the hospital drove Lake's Church in Auburn to host a prayer service. They opened their doors to anyone who wanted to pray for Easton as his condition becomes worse.

Michelle Prunner is a member of Lake's congregation in Auburn. "It's just the community coming together to support Easton and his family. I don't think it's just a certain church wanting to assist in it. It's just the whole community coming together to make this a positive experience," says Prunner.

The pastor of the non-denomination church, Sean Wrench, has held prayer service in the past for Easton. "When we had heard that Easton had kind of taken a turn for the worse, we decided we were going to organize another one. We believe in the power of prayer," says Wrench.

Emily Garropy is Easton's Great-Grandmother and she was brought to tears by the words which were spoken and the prayers which were not. "I think it's wonderful, I think it's wonderful. You don't know the people who have prayed for that child," says Garropy.

Prunner know how important prayer can be, especially in a time of such need. "I believe prayer can actually move mountains, and Sean proved that the other night when he was out visiting Easton and when he prayed over him, his oxygen level went up to 96," says Prunner.

Easton's Grandfather, John Friedel, remembered that instant when the pastor stood over Easton. "There is power in prayer itself, it did to me help him. At that time something changed in that room a little bit, maybe everybody being together. The power it had, he felt it," says Friedel.