Auburn cop fired after multiple indictments

Brina Hutchings / file photo

The Auburn police officer accused of using the powers of his job to settle a personal dispute has been fired.

According to the Auburn deputy chief, Officer Brian Hutchings has been terminated from the police force effective Friday. A Step 3 hearing was held this past Monday, and the hearing officer decided that Hutchings TMs termination would take effect Friday.

The termination has been appealed, and there is an arbitration process going forward.

Hutchings has been indicted on 14 charges, accused of using his powers as a police officer to harass and coerce a private contractor with whom he was having a dispute over work on his house. Police say Hutchings would pull over and ticket the contractor's trucks while out on patrol. He is also accused of using pepper spray on the drivers, and arresting them unnecessarily.

Hutchings had been suspended for 30 days without pay after his arrest and indictment last month.