Auburn council slashes jobs in budget cuts

The Auburn City Council heard concerns from local neighbors about budget cuts that will eliminate municipal jobs.

The City of Auburn is cutting several key jobs in an effort to close a budget gap. Police Chief Gary Giannotta and Deputy Police Chief Thomas Murphy both said on Monday that they will be retiring. This came after an announcement about the budget cuts. Among those jobs being cut include the deputy police chief, a detective, and the city's parking supervisor.

City Councilmember John Camardo said that the decision to cut jobs was tough. "It was a very difficult situation to be in, especially when people lose their jobs," Camardo said. "I feel terrible about it, but unfortunately, these are some of the things we have to do to try and close the budget deficit of $5.3 million. And if we don't do something this year, we're going to have even worse problems next year."

Many at the meeting came to voice their complaints about job losses, including several supporters of City Parking Supervisor Julie Liccone. Liccone is unsure how the city will manage without an employee to oversee parking meters and garages. "There's no duplication of duties in my position," said Liccone. "There's nobody that does anything that I do. And the council has been asked by the police chief who's going to do the jobs and nobody seems to have an answer."

All employees laid off by the city will have their last day of work on July 31st. Overall, Auburn is cutting $400,000 from its budget.