Auburn Historical sites hoping for a visit from President Obama

Seward House in Auburn

The executive directors of the Seward House and the Harriet Tubman Home, in Auburn, are hopeful President Obama will visit later this week but have not received any official confirmation.

"We started hearing some buzz over the weekend that the president would be making a trip to auburn - that has intinsified over the past couple of days," said Seward House executive director Bilye Chabot.

Chabot says the Seward House staff are prepared to accommodate President Obama at any hour of the day.

"We're going to be on alert, we're going to be at the ready so at a moment's notice we're ready to go. If it's after hours, if it's the middle of the night, if it's very early in the morning - we want President Obama to come to the Seward House," said Chabot.

If President Obama does visit the Seward House, he would be the seventh sitting president to do so.

The Harriet Tubman Home says it has seen an increased number of people signing up for tours after rumors of a potential presidential visit. Many of the guests said that a presidential visit could help raise awareness of an effort to make the anti-slavery advocates home a national park.

If President Obama does visit one of the sites, it could be on very short notice. In 1999, President Bill Clinton's staff only gave a 90 minute warning that he would be coming to the Tubman home and the Seward House.

Obama will speak at Syracuse's Henninger High School on Thursday as part of a 2-day bus tour which also includes stops in Buffalo and Binghamton.