Auburn looking to eliminate 12 fire and police positions amid budget crisis

Facing a budget shortfall this year, the City of Auburn is looking to eliminate 12 positions in their fire and police departments, but the firefighters union says this will affect services.

"The cuts to the fire department are going to directly affect the service we provide," Michael Grady, Auburn Firefighters Local 1446 member says. "It's going to affect the safety of not just the firefighters, but the general public, and they need to know that."

Auburn Mayor Michael Quill and City Manager Doug Selby say they are looking to cut four fire and four police positions. There are also four more fire department vacancies they are looking to drop.

"In the past, the firefighter union has been good with the city about reaching a agreement, unfortunately this time we're a little bit apart. They brought some things to the table but it has not come close enough to what we need to have in order to maintain a sustainable balanced budget," said Selby.

They say they have had respectful negotiations, but they've reached an impasse. Now they plan to bring in an mediator.

According to a statement released from the Auburn Firefighters Local 1446, they say they have "worked to provide for public safety at a price taxpayers can afford."

The city council will have a meeting Thursday night, but the last day to make a decision is June 27. They probably won't vote on Thursday - a vote is not on the agenda.

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