Auburn man accuses Syracuse Police of excessive force


In response to our request for comment, Syracuse Police spokesman Sergeant Tom Connellan told CNY Central Wednesday that the department "cannot comment , it's under investigation."


An Auburn man claims Syracuse Police used excessive force when he was arrested early Sunday morning at Armory Square.

23-year-old Corey Brown has filed a complaint with the Citizen Review Board as well as a Notice of Claim against the City of Syracuse.

Brown displayed a number of cuts and bruises to his face and leg, which he says he suffered when three Syracuse police officers forced him to the ground during his arrest for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Brown told CNY Central that the officers were "kneeing" his face into the pavement and "stomped" on his back.

The police version, according to court records, say Brown, "engaged in fighting, violent tumultuous and threatening behavior and then attempted to prevent police from effecting an authorized arrest on himself."

Brown denies being involved in the fights which were occurring in Armory Square early Sunday morning. He says he was with a group of people from Auburn who had rented a limo for the birthday celebration of a friend.

Brown claims that when he came to the aid of a friend whose purse had been stolen, three police officers grabbed him and took him to the ground.

"They had me pinned to the ground, put me in handcuffs and I told them I'm uncomfortable, please move. They said basically â??shut the 'Fâ?? up, had me pinned on the ground, started kneeing my face and the officers behind me, somebody was stomping me. I have boot prints from police boots, my face is torn," Brown said.

The court records give a different version.

"While breaking up a large fight in front of 110 West Fayette St., police were attempting to disperse the crowd and ordered the defendant multiple times to leave the area. After refusing repeated commands from police of leave, the defendant did shove multiple unknown people away from him and begin to wave his arms in a tumultuous manner while yelling that he did not have to leave. At this time, police attempted to grab the defendantâ??s arms in an effort to gain control of him but he pulled away from police and turned as though attempting to run. The defendant was forced to the ground and restrained in handcuffs."

Reached by phone, Meghan Dunster told CNY Central that she witnessed the arrest.

"They had Corey's face in the ground, it was crazy," says Dunster.

Dunster admits that several members of the group from Auburn were involved in fights.

"It was chaotic but Corey wasn't arguing or fighting with anybody," says Dunster.

Dunster says she was capturing video of the arrest on her cell phone but says one of the officers took the phone from her hand and "smashed it on the ground." Dunster says the phone broke apart and she can not find the card which may contain the video.

Brown was arraigned on the charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct Sunday morning and released without bail.


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