Auburn man goes from homeless to homeowner

For the seventh consecutive year, The Rescue Mission is hosting Ride for the Rescue.

In 2005, Aaron Hilmerson was a homeless veteran addicted to drugs. Since being helped by The Rescue Mission, a local charity for the homeless, Aaron has turned around his life.

The Rescue Mission put Aaron through drug rehab and placed him in one of its independent living programs. Aaron now holds a managerial position at a local hospital and, as of this week, is a proud homeowner.

Aaron believes he would not be where he is today without the support and resources of The Rescue Mission. "They gave me direction," he said. "They gave me a place to sleep, a place to eat. So they took care of me, basically. They were my mother."

The Rescue Mission is equally as greatful to have known and worked with Aaron. "We're just so incredibly proud of him at Tthe Mission," said Director of Marketing Liz Poda.

To raise money and help people in situations like Aaron's, The Rescue Mission hosts an annual bike race called 'Ride for the Rescue.' To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the organization, the longest of the event's six bike paths is 175 kilometers (77 miles) long.

Last year, the race raised $170,000 from 560 participants. This year, the organization has set a goal of $175,000. The race is now in its seventh year and is taking place at Long Branch Park in Liverpool on Saturday, June 30th.

To register for the event or find out more information, visit