Auburn marathon runner witnessed Boston bombing

Dr. Dale Ottosen was back to work at Cayuga Veterinary Services Tuesday, less than 24 hours after he had completed his third Boston Marathon.

Ottosen told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon that just 3 minutes after he crossed the finish line, he heard an explosion. "I heard an explosion. I thought, man, I knew I was slow, but I didn't think I was last. Some races set off a cannon when the last person crosses. So I turned around and sal all the smoke and debris," says Ottoson.

Ottosen says he was only 100 yards away when he tried to run back to help. "They had an amazing response with their EMT's, they would not let any civilians head back to try and help," he says.

In the chaos that followed, Ottosen thought about the people who were cheering him on at the finish line. "All these people and then the senseless explosion goes off. Which ones of those wonderful people just yelling for me 2 minutes ago are hurt or worse?," he says.

Ottosen said he tried to locate his family, but authorities turned off cell phone service for fear it could set off another bomb. 45 minutes after the explosions, Ottosen was reunited with his worried family at a nearby park.

"It's a senseless hopefully random thing." He said. "(I hope) the authorities will get to the bottom of and bring the idiots to justice that wanted to hurt innocent people."

Ottosen hopes the bombing doesn't forever taint the 117 year tradition of the Boston Marathon.