Auburn mother accused of encouraging young daughter to fight

Vicky Townsend

A mother from Auburn is facing charges. Police say she was caught on tape encouraging her daughter to beat up another girl.

Vicky Townsend, 40, of Fort Street, is now facing child endangerment charges. In an interview with CNY Central, Townsend says she was just trying to protect her daughter Cortney, who was getting beat up.

"Cortney was on the bottom. I just told her to get up and fight back," she said.

Police say a video made its way through Auburn High School, which shows the fight between two 15-year-old girls in the parking lot behind Holy Family Church. It came to the attention of school administrators and that's when police got involved.

Townsend tells us she didn't want to get in between the physical fight for fear of being arrested. But in the end, she was charged for putting her daughter in danger since she drove her teenager to the fight.

"I have to face the consequences, but I was just protecting my daughter. I didn't want her to get jumped," she said.

Townsend also took to our Facebook page to defend herself against some who were upset with her actions.

Police say the argument between the two girls started on Facebook. Townsend says there has been an on-going problem with her daughter being bullied. She wants the school to step in to stop it.