Auburn police investigate hit and run of 10-year-old boy

Scene of hit and run, State Street at Perrine Street in Auburn / Brian Mueller

Auburn police are searching for a hit and run driver that left a young boy hurt.

Jessica Smith says her 10-year-old son Austin was crossing State Street at the intersection with Perrine Street in Auburn around 7 p.m. Wednesday when he was hit by a car.

Witnesses describe the car as a white Pontiac Sunfire, and say the driver was going about 40 miles per hour when Austin was hit. Instead of stopping, witnesses say the driver sped up and took off.

Austin was taken to Upstate University Hospital with cuts and bruises to his head and legs. He is doing better and was released from the hospital Thursday morning.

Jessica Smith says when she heard her son was hit by a car, she feared the worst.

"I thought I was going to lose my son that day, and for someone to just take off after hitting a boy," Smith says, fighting back tears.

Now, she says she wants the driver to be held accountable.

"It's a mother's worst nightmare not to know what the outcome is," Smith says. "The sooner this guy can be brought to justice, the better I will feel."

Auburn police say they're currently investigating a hit and run involving a pedestrian that happened Wednesday evening, but cannot release any more information at this time.

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