Auburn Police issue zero tolerance policy to curb nuisances at notorious intersection

The intersection of State and Perrine Streets in Auburn

Auburn Police are beefing up patrols at a notorious intersection after several incidents last weekend.

There are several bars at the intersection of State and Perrine Streets, and one restaurant that's open through the early morning hours. When those venues close for the night, police say many people empty into the streets, and it can lead to problems.

Last weekend there were 16 arrests

for street

fighting and other offenses. This has prompted police to enforce a zero tolerance policy on open containers, littering, and disorderly conduct.

"We're going to continue that tactic, and take a zero tolerance stance, and keep that stance until we can rectify the problem," says Auburn Police Sgt. Ed Fabrize.

This weekend police plan to walk through the inside of area bars, to make their presence even more obvious.

"We're hoping with the fact that there were 200 people in the street, the word would get our around that police are taking that stance, and they are not going to back down on this," he says.

Local bar owners say it's not their establishments, but the people that are causing the trouble. They say it's happening in the streets.

"It appears the kids coming over are concerned with fighting. They don't care about being arrested," says Michael Kulis, owner of Swifty's Bar. "My concern is that it will escalate into something more serious."

Kulis says he and other bar owners are doing their part to keep the situations in check.

"It's coming to the point where it's being a nuisance for the whole neighborhood," he says. "The bar owners are doing what they can do, and law enforcement has been more than helpful in doing what they can do about it."

CNY Central is told the problems have escalated since one bar - that was shut down several years ago - has recently reopened.

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