Auditor candidates make last pitch before election. Will you vote?

Turn out is expected to be historically low Tuesday. Onondaga County Election Commissioners predict only 30 percent of registered voters will head to the polls.

On the night before election day, both candidates for Syracuse City Auditor are making thousands of phone calls trying to get voters to the polls.

"Hopefully we are getting the vote out," said Joe Moore who was volunteering to make calls for the Democratic phone bank. "It seems like people are positive they are looking forward to voting and they're aware of who is running."

City Auditor is arguably the biggest seat up for grabs in Syracuse this year. Democrat Marty Masterpole is taking on Republican Steve Kimatian. Both candidates want to be the watch dog who makes sure your money is being spent wisely.

Masterpole says his ability to work with the current administration, will help get things done. "I think we are most effective when we work together, we've seen the political bickering and the things that don't work. But what does work is moving forward together and if elected on Tuesday that's what I plan on doing," said Masterpole. "I've run an open honest and transparent, positive campaign. And that's how I will run my office if elected."

Kimatian touts his independence from the democratic leadership in city hall and two decades of business experience

"If there ever was a time where it's important to have a person with great finance, business knowledge, accounting knowledge, legal experience in the city auditor's office now is the time," said Kimatian. "When money is at a premium and the city is stretched to the limits."

It's usually a quiet race but this year, it's been caught in a cloud of controversy. After it surfaced that Mayor Stephanie Miner funneled money to Masterpole's campaign.

The polls are open Tuesday from 6 AM to 9 PM. Stay with for the latest, as the results come in.

Do you plan on voting? Do you think all the hype around the race for auditor will bring more people to the polls? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.