Aurora theater survivor disappointed in lack of gun control talk at Colorado debate

Stephen Barton's photo of his movie ticket

Syracuse University graduate Stephen Barton, who survived the tragic Aurora theater shooting in July, is disappointed that Wednesdayâ??s presidential debate did not address gun violence.

Earlier this week week, Stephen Barton appeared in ads calling on President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to develop a plan to end gun violence.

Barton told

The Huffington Post

that, "they acted as if they had moved on completely" from the Aurora and Columbine High School mass shootings that took place just miles from the Denver debate.

"It really does blow my mind that it doesn't receive some attention," Barton told the Huffington Post. "It's easy to think for some people that it will never affect them personally."

During the debate,

Barton tweeted

, "The state of our economy is important, but what about the 48K lives that will be lost to gun violence in next 4 years? I still #DemandAPlan."

Barton told the

New York Daily News

that, "It just blows my mind that ten miles from Aurora and not too far from Columbine â?¦ that it wouldnâ??t come up at all in a debate that was billed as domestic policy."

Barton works in policy research and victims outreach for Mayor Michael Bloomberg's organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns. He spoke about gun violence on the steps of New York City Hall after meeting with Bloomberg on Wednesday.