Authorities break up massive drug ring in Massena, 12 people charged

12 people are charged after federal and state authorities broke up a major drug trafficking ring in Massena, in northern New York near the Canadian border.

The suspects are accused of planning to distribute 500 grams of cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin to people in Franklin, St. Lawrence and Clinton Counties.

Eight of the suspects are from the Massena area; three others are from New York City. Authorities say a twelfth person has been charged, but not arrested.

Investigators believe the suspects from New York City brought the drugs up to Massena to sell, where they thought they could get more money.

If convicted, each person could face up to five years in prison, except one man. Patrick Lloyd, who goes by â??Trouble,â?? has a prior drug conviction and could spend up to 40 years in prison and be subject to a $5 million fine.

These are the 11 people arrested and charged in the drug ring:

-Patrick Lloyd, aka â??Problem,â?? 25, of New York City

-Jessica Monaghan, 26, of Massena, New York

-Codi Burke, 21, of Massena, New York

-Michael Spencer, aka â??Don,â?? 25, of New York City

-Bernie Russo, 35, of Massena, New York

-Kimberly Jandrew, 27, of Massena, New York

-Justin Brailsford, 25, of Massena, New York

-Jon Garcia, 22, of New York City

-Zachary Huto, 21, of Massena, New York

-Leslie Moore, 27, of Massena, New York

-Paul Williams, aka â??Cash,â?? 30, of Massena, New York

Authorites also found weapons while executing the search warrants.

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