B104.7 to be honored by Academy of Country Music

A Central New York Radio station is in the national spotlight, set to take home a big award at the Academy of Country Music Awards this weekend.

B104.7, which brands itself as Syracuse's Country Music Station, has been named the Top Medium Market Country Station of the Year in the United States.

Tom Owens and Becky Palmer from "Tom and Becky in the Morning" are getting ready to go to Las Vegas to accept the award for the station.

They were ecstatic when they found out.

"It started going viral. There were e-mails around the company, 'Did you hear about Tom and Becky on B104.7?' We finally got a hold of one of the e-mails, and all heck broke loose around the station," said Becky Palmer. "We celebrated; we've been celebrating since we found out."

The duo believes their show is so successful because they are so relatable, much like the music genre they represent.

"I think country music identifies with people at every level, and I'd like to think Tom and Becky do too," said Tom Owens. "We're just regular people, regular Joes -- regular Tom and Beckyâ??s. I think people identify with that."

They are both quick to point out the honor is a testament to the whole station and Central New York Country Music Community.

"It's not Tom and Becky; it's the whole radio station. More important than that, it's the community," said Palmer.

She explained the entries are judged not only on the content of the show, but also how much the station is involved in the community.

The duo says it's an honor to be recognized among their peers in the industry, and attribute the station's success to the sense of community here in Central New York.

"We like to say it really goes back to the community, because this community supports country music. Not only at the recorded level, but on a LIVE level. You got the New York State Fair - the only concerts that really do well are country. It reaches out, it gravitates, it really touches something with the listeners and people that live in Central New York, so we're proud of that," Owens explained.

B104.7 has been nominated for the Station of the Year ten times, but this is the first time it's won the honor.

Owens and Palmer will receive the award Saturday night, ahead of the big awards show, which airs Sunday evening.

You can watch the Academy of Country Music Awards at 8 p.m. Sunday on CBS 5.