Baby Easton â??alert and attentiveâ?? ahead of fundraiser at Palace Theater

The Weedsport baby suffering from a rare skin disorder was released from the hospital today. "Easton is home!" is what the family posted on a Facebook page dedicated to Baby Easton Friedel.

The 3-month-old is doing better after he was rushed to the hospital Sunday night after he stopped breathing.

"Easton was great again today," the post states. "No issues. I held paci while Danielle did his dressing change, and he did great. His sats were great, his heartrate was great, no issues today...Easton is so alert and so attentive now. He really listens to you and watches you while you talk to him. He held my hand today, and I think he smiled at me. As if this little angel had to do anything more to steal my heart."

Easton suffers from a rare skin disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa, which causes painful blisters.

A fundraiser will be held tonight to help offset the family's medical costs. It's at the Palace Theatre in Eastwood from 6 to 10 p.m.

Information and photograph courtesy of the Baby Easton Facebook page