Baby Easton coming home to Weedsport

A Cayuga County baby born with a rare skin disorder is expected home in Weedsport on Friday.

Easton Friedel and his mother are flying back from Cincinnati, where Easton was in a children's hospital, back to Central New York.

Easton has a painful and incurable condition which makes his skin raw and blistered.

Easton's aunt, Sara DeMatteo told CNY Central today that he is doing better.

"He's doing great from what my mom and Danielle have told me. His days and nights are mixed up, so he was up all night, but otherwise he's doing great and we're ready for him to come home," DeMatteo says.

She says that he has been taken off antibiotics and is growing and gaining weight.

The plan is for the baby to have have daily nursing care at home and to to return to Cincinnati Children's Hospital every three months for a year. If all goes well, it will be once every six months after that.