Baby Easton gets bronchoscope in Ohio hospital

Danielle saying good bye to Easton before he heads off for surgery.

Baby Easton Friedel is at the Cincinnati Childrenâ??s Hospital where he underwent a bronchoscope, according to the familiesâ??



A bronchoscope is a procedure where a doctor feeds a small, flexible tube into the lungs through the mouth or nose. Once inside, a small camera and light are used to examine the lungs and take samples if necessary.

According to the Facebook post, doctors are trying to figure out why Easton has low oxygen levels.

Around noon on Friday, Baby Easton's cousin Amy posted, "Easton is out of surgery. Danielle said reports of Tracheomalcia, Bronchomacia, Bronchitis, inflammation, mucus plugs, and bronchial compressions of the left lung."

The family has to wait for cultures to come back from the procedue, cousin Amy writes. "Easton has verall floppy airways which should improve with age. If you imagine your trachea is like a circle, Eastons is like half a circle, so much thinner."

Baby Easton was taken to the EB Center at the Cincinnati Childrenâ??s Hospital on


via a private flight, provided completely by volunteers in the Patient Airlift Services, or


, network.