Baby Easton heads home after more than 100 days in hospital

Baby Easton's last day at hospital

The Weedsport baby who spent 100 days at Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital in Syracuse is now home with his family.

CNYCentral was there as Baby Easton Friedel left the hospital with his family Thursday morning. Easton looked and more importantly felt better than he had in months according to his family, even giving a little wave from his stroller as he was rolled out the doors of the hospital. It was a big step not only for him, but also his family, who have been traveling back and forth from Weedsport for the past 100 days.

"It's hectic," Easton's mother Danielle Friedel says. "There was a point where the doctors kept saying there wasn't anything they could do, so we were at a point where we didn't know if we were going to get out."

Friedel and her husband Jared have three other young boys, who they say aren't easy to manage, especially in a hospital room. Today though, there was a sense of relief and happiness for the family, as just a few months ago, Easton was battling both EB and a lung infection, and today, he was healthy enough to go home.

"It was almost one day...all of a sudden he turned around and was just doing great," Friedel says. "He kind of did that on his own, we didn't have to make any decisions."

He was originally scheduled to go home earlier this month, but his release date was pushed back.

Now, the family is faced with new challenges as Easton returns home. Jared and Danielle have undergone weeks of training on new equipment like Easton's Trach Ventilator, which will help his breathing following his lung infection. A nurse will provide an extra set of hands in their home as well. And while it might be a challenge having the entire family under one roof, both Danielle and Easton's brothers are looking forward to it.

"The kids are very excited he's coming home, they've been telling everyone, they're happy, they've always been great with him, we've never had an issue with that, so it's just going to be nice to be home as a family," Danielle Friedel says.

Back in February, Easton's family was the focus of a series of documentary style reports on how they care for a baby with so many medical needs.