Baby Easton to be released from hospital after more than 100 days

Baby Easton

After more than 100 consecutive days at Golisano Children's Hospital in Syracuse, Baby Easton Friedel has been cleared to return home on Thursday.

Earlier this month, Easton underwent surgery to have an IV Picc line placed in his body so more medicine can be injected when he goes home to Weedsport.

He was originally scheduled to go home earlier this month, but his release date was pushed back.

Easton was born with a rare skin disease called Epidermolysis bullosa (EB for short). His skin is raw and blisters at the touch.

Back in February, Easton's family was the focus of a

series of documentary style reports

on how they care for a baby with so many medical needs. His most recent hospital stay, which now stands at 109 days as of Wednesday, is not related to his skin disease, doctors say it was a troubling lung infection, that lead to a tracheotomy, and his hospitalization.