Back to School timetable for parents

Planning help, as you get ready to make it a smooth transition to 'school mode' for your students

With about a month to go before schools go back into session, there are some things parents should take care of now, to ensure a smooth start to the year for students.

We reached out to Dr. Donna DeSiato, superintendent at East Syracuse-Minoa Schools, for the to-do list. Here's what she recommends:

>Make sure the school has up-to-date information. If you've moved, or changed contact information, get it to the school as soon as possible. It's needed, not only for emergencies, but also for determining bus routes ahead of opening day.

>Notify the school if your child has an allergy or other medical condition, and ensure that all shots and other medical requirements are in order before the start of school. (There are forms to fill out for any of these!)

>Make sure you're in contact with the school through social media. Schools communicate lots of information digitally, even before school gets underway.

>If you're already buying (or picking up) school supplies, make sure you're getting what you really need. Schools provide some specialized books and supplies.

>DO attend orientation. It's especially important if your student is transitioning to a new school (especially kindergarten, middle school or high school).

>DON'T WORRY, yet, about getting your students on 'study' instead of summer schedules. Dr. DeSiato's suggestion is to start working on that the week before the start of school. For now, enjoy the rest of vacation, she says. BUT remember that no matter how old the student, a good night's sleep is key to good academic results.

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