Bag checks and enhanced security measures at the 2013 State Fair

New York State Fair

The New York State Fair has been open for less than two full days and people are already noticing some changes.

In response to the Boston Marathon bombings in the spring, State Fair officials have expanded the hours for bag checks and increased the number of gates where bags will be checked to every gate.

Fair officials will be checking bags, backpacks, large purses and coolers.

The Fair says that as part of the enhanced security measures, there is no longer open $5 parking in the Green lot on the racetrack infield.

Most people at the Fair are understanding of the new security procedures and say it's to be expected.

Sharee Terry was coming off the bus to go to the fair. "I walking right on the bus, came right off, came right in... really easy," says Terry.

The fair is also increasing the hours they are checking, fairgoers can expect to see their items checked from 7:30 in the morning through 10 o'clock at night.

Beth Balfour was out to the fair today as well. "Well we expected it, so it was kind of a run of the mill check. I would say the only thing we were concerned about was how we packed everything up in the stroller and having to go back and do that again.

Karen Seminary was among the thousands who were out today at the fair. "
It's very important for safety issues number one. You know today with everything going on and of course the weapons and the scares that we have, I'd rather be safe than uncertain," says Seminary.