Baldwinsville Marching Band wins big in Florida

Baldwinsville's Marching Band in the Gator Bowl 'battle of the bands' in Jacksonville. They won! and will now present their Apollo 11 show at the Bowl pre-game on Tuesday.

Baldwinsville's Marching Band is the big winner at the Gator Bowl. The Bees came out number one, in the Battle of the Bands competition---there were five bands competing in the field band, seven in the parade competitions, and the Bees walked away with eleven trophies, plus the grand prize: $10-thousand dollars, plus the right to perform their 'Apollo 11' piece at the Gator Bowl pre-game show on Monday.

The band will also be on at halftime, but as part of a big band, made up of all the competing schools.

Marching Band Coordinator Kelly Cullen tells us they're not sure yet, what they'll do with the money. Parents are hoping it'll mean a little less fundraising for them, but she says there may be some long-term investments possible.

The Band comes back, right after the Gator Bowl and is expected here Tuesday afternoon.