Baldwinsville runners suspended after hazing incident

The Baldwinsville School District has announced that some of its students have been suspended as a result of a hazing incident involving the boys cross country team.

Superintendent Jeanne Dangle spoke to CNY Central Tuesday afternoon, following up on a news release the district emailed earlier in the day. Dangle said some members of the team have been disciplined as a result of the incident, though she would not specify exactly what took place or how many runners were suspended. Dangle says the students were suspended under section four of the athletic code of conduct, which deals with â??Level 1 Violationsâ??. Those violations include a wide range of potential transgressions, from tobacco and drug use to harassment and bullying.

The consequences of a Level 1 Violation include parental notification and immediate suspension from athletic programs for the reminder of the season. There is a provision that allows for reinstatement after the suspension is complete.

Dangle says the athletes will be punished based on their level of involvement with the hazing incident. Students found not to have been involved will be reinstated immediately.

The entire team was held out of its own invitational meet over the weekend while the district investigated the allegations, which came to light on Friday afternoon.