Baldwinsville students excited about changes in the cafeteria

Students, teachers, and staff in the Baldwinsville Central School District were among the Central New York school districts to start their school years Wednesday.

Just one day back from summer recess, and some C.W. Baker High School students are already excited about the changes they're already seeing in the cafeteria.

You may remember, the Baldwinsville Board of Education voted to out of the National School Lunch Program last Spring.

It found students were not eating the healthier food options, and the regulations were difficult to follow.

As the District changed its menu to try to meet the federal requirements, it saw significantly fewer students buying school lunch.

Senior Shelley Verma was one of them. The 17-year-old says she started to bring her own lunch from home because the portions at school were too small.

But one day back, and she's already seen positive differences that may convince her to try the cafeteria food again.

"When I was walking by, I saw they had more choices. They have new salad, sub, and sandwich bar that they didn't have before. That seems pretty cool. I think I'll try that out sometime," Verma said.

Baldwinsville schools will continue to provide free and reduce-priced lunches at its own cost.