Banana Boat sunscreen recalled after consumers caught on fire

Banana Boat sunscreen recalls UltraMist

Banana Boat sunscreen may not be preventing burns after all.

The maker of Banana Boat sunscreen has recalled one of its spray-on products after a handful of people caught fire after using it.

Energizer Holdings is pulling nearly two dozen formulations of UltraMist off store shelves due to the risk that the lotion can ignite when exposed to open flame.

The company says there have been five reported cases of people catching fire after applying the sunscreen in the last year.

Four of the cases were in the U.S., one was in Canada.

Over 20 million units of UltraMist have been sold since 2010.

According to Energizer, the spray valve is to blame as it is over-applying the product.

When it doesnâ??t dry completely, the sunscreen can catch fire.