Basilio's Sausage: A New York State Fair tradition for 61 years

Basilio's Sausage stand at the New York State Fair. 

It doesn't get much better than fair food. If you're looking for Italian sausage, for many, there's only one place that comes to mind.

"Every year at the fair we come to Basilio's," said Liverpool native Christine Rowland. "The best sausage."

This is Basilio's 61st year at the New York State Fair. The man behind the name is owner Paul Basilio; 88 years young and still cooking up his famous sausage.

"I feel great! I don't go to the doctor but every six months and I get tuned up," said Basilio.

The New York State Fair brings together old friends and new, all working alongside Paul. Gary DiGeorge is practically part of the Basilio clan. He's know the family since he was a kid.

"My mother and father started here when the Basilio's started," said DiGeorge.

Now, Gary is carrying on the family tradition, serving up delicious food. Although, it's hard to get Paul to admit it.

"Ehhh, it's okay," said Basilio.

It's easy to see the customers are satisfied. They keep coming back year after year. Basilio has no plans of calling it quits anytime soon; he's looking ahead.

"He doesn't want to give it up," said DiGeorge. "He'll just keep going and going and going. He's already talking about next year!"

"I want to keep the place going," said Basilio. "Why would you want to give it up?"

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