Be prepared going outside this winter! Tips on staying warm.

If you plan to spend anytime outside, especially this weekend, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Dress in layers: Several layers of light weight clothing will keep you warmer than one single, heavy layer of clothing. Peel the layers of if you get too warm. The heat captured in between the layers keeps you toasty.
  • Stay dry: Nothing chills you faster than wet skin. The layer of clothing closest to your body, your base layer, should be made of a material that pulls sweat and moisture away from your body. Popular fabrics that do a good job of this include polypropylene and silk. Your outermost layer should be water and wind proof.
  • Keep head, neck, hands and feet warm: Your extremities let off the most heat. 80% of the heat lost from your body comes from your head. So keep them wrapped with warm scarves, hats, mittens or gloves and thick socks!
  • NOTE: Mittens are warmer than gloves because fingers retain more heat when they touch each other.

  • Bring a backpack: If you are going hiking or simply playing outside in the cold, carry a backpack to store clothes you will hopefully be peeling off as you warm up. When you slow down or stop exerting yourself, have a layer ready to put back on to stay warm.
  • Good boots: Especially when walking through snow or water, make sure you have good boots, hopefully water proof with a good lining.
  • When you head back indoors, make some hot chocolate to warm you up.

    Myth Buster: Has anyone ever told you that if you don TMt bundle up, you TMll catch a cold? That TMs false! You don TMt catch a cold by going outside in the cold weather or from going outside with wet hair. Viruses and bacteria cause colds and flu spread by infected people, not cold air!

    So dress appropriately and you TMll not only stay warm and enjoy yourself, but you TMll avoid health risks like hypothermia.