Beachgoers cool off from record temperatures at Southwick Beach in Jefferson County

A record temperature of 95 degrees brought hoards of beachgoers to all New York beaches today, and many took the trip up to Southwick beach to enjoy Lake Ontario. Local north country residents, Syracuse residents and even those from out of state enjoyed the sun, and more importantly the cool water in the Great Lake. Regardless of their origins, many at the beach couldn't believe the high temperatures.

"I actually didn't know what to do," Rochella Garofalo, an East Syracuse resident, says. "I wanted to stay inside, but, I wanted to go swimming too, so beach, beach was the first thought."

Eileen Merritt, who lives in Central Square, says the hot temperatures are right in line with the norm of Central New York weather.

"You never know what you're going to get in Central New York," Merritt says. "Hot...cold, I don't care I love the hot."

With hot temperatures and little rain in the forecast for the next week, Central New Yorkers will have to learn to love the hot weather.