Beating the odds with flood insurance

If you live in a low lying area, an area with poor drainage, near a stream, creek or river you are throwing the dice each spring. After an epic snowfall season like this past winter with over 173" we are at a heightened risk for flooding. Unlike in Las Vegas, the gambling odds are definitely in your favor that flooding won't damage your property. But tell that to the one unlucky home owner who has water rising into their dwelling. You can beat these odds by purchasing flood insurance. And it may not be too late!

Every home is in a flood zone but most people don't have a grasp of the cost of flood damage until it happens to them. Here's an example for a typical 2000 square foot home that gets flooded by water only a foot deep. According to the average loss would be in excess of an astounding $52,000. Ouch! I know I wouldn't want to have to come up with that kind of money. You can see for yourself how much the estimated loss would be for your sized home and for different flood levels with their cost of flooding interactive tool here. is the website for the National Flood Insurance Program run by FEMA.

Did you know that homeowners insurance generally doesn't cover damage from flooding? So before you become a victim of this springtime threat you might want to protect yourself by purchasing a policy. In case you are thinking of getting a policy to cover your property for the current rain storm and snow melt off, think again. There is a 30 day waiting period before the insurance will kick in to cover any future flood damage. Don't delay.

If you live in a moderate to low risk area flood insurance doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Using the flood risk profile tool on the homepage of I discovered that my very own home falls into this category. In these areas, a Preferred Risk Policy can be found for as little as $129 per year to cover both your home and contents. Give the tool a try and find out what the risk assessment is for your home. In doing so you'll also get estimated coverage premiums and agents in your area who you can contact for more information or to buy.

For the latest weather forecast with details on the current flooding situation we have you covered on with our weather page here. Be sure to check it back often today and this spring for any flood watches or warnings that may be issued. And the best way to track rainfall down to street level mapping is our Interactive Doppler here. I'd love to have you as a Facebook friend of mine. Get an early look at my forecast and more articles like this by clicking here and sending me a request.