Belhurst Castle does not know why Laurie Fine picked them

Laurie Fine

The management at Belhurst Castle had no idea who Laurie Fine was or why she was booking their space when she scheduled a news conference for Wednesday morning.

"When Belhurst Castle agreed to the press conference, we were not aware of the ins and outs of the press conference or who this person was," said Kelly Towers Belhurst Castle Dining and Lodging manager. "Now we're a little reluctant - but, we're going to let it fly."

Laurie Fine is the wife of former Syracuse Orange associate head basketball coach Bernie Fine. She has retained a lawyer from Pittsburgh who is likely to announce a lawsuit on behalf of Laurie Fine. They will both be part of a news conference at Belhurst Castle Wednesday morning at 11:00. The Finger Lakes resort overlooks scenic Seneca Lake.

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Speculation is running on why Fine selected Belhurst Castle. Her attorney, Lawrence Fisher, announced the relevance of the location will be apparent when he sends out a statement Wednesday morning.

There has been talk among Syracuse University insiders that Laurie Fine is interested in writing a book. She has been a central figure in the controversy that led to the dismissal of her husband Bernie Fine. The release of the audiotape of her conversation with Bobby Davis was the key element that led to Syracuse University Chancellor Nancy Cantor firing her husband.

Belhurst Castle has plans for both rainy and dry weather for their unanticipated guest and the accompanying media that are sure to follow.