Benefit for crash victim organized by good samartian from scene of Verona accident

Kristin Conway and her best friend, Amanda, before the crash.

In October 2012, Kristin Conway was in a car accident near the Turning Stone Casino in Verona. Before the ambulance got there, a waitress named Kailee Perrin who worked at a restaurant across the street, was by her side. The two women were strangers before that night.

"I knew I couldn't help get her out of the car or anything like that, but instantly I was compelled to pray," says Perrin.

Since the accident, Perrin reached out to Conway's family. She visited her in the hospital and now at a rehabilitation center where she is recovering from a severe brain injury.

Conway's mother, Tracey Keyes, calls Perrin "Kristin's angel".

When Perrin started thinking about all of Kristin's medical expenses she decided she wanted to organize a benefit in her honor. She chose to have it at Sharkey's in Liverpool, a place where Kristen used to come with her friends.

"She was very bubbly. She was your typical 27 Year Old. Liked to go shopping. Had a lot of friends," says Keyes.

"I just left there knowing this wasn't the end. I don't know. That I just had a place in her life," says Perrin.

While Conway can't verbalize her gratitude just yet, Perrin looks forward to the day she can speak to her newfound friend for the first time.

To follow Kristin's journey, check out the Kristin's Fight Facebook page.