Benefit in honor of Corey Hill held at Benjamin's in Armory Square

A benefit in honor of Corey Hill is held at Benjaminâ??s in Armory Square Saturday. The 33-year-old Hill was shot to death while walking a friend home from work in June.


ozens came to Benjamin's in Armory Square today to remember Corey Hill, someone who loved ones say was taken too soon.

Brian Disinger is one of Corey's friends. "Last month was an absolute shock, couldn't believe it happened. I had seen him that evening that it happened. We had hung out for a little while that night. He left and he met his friend and I found out Monday morning. It was a total and complete shock," says Disinger.

Friends like Disinger and Scott Leroy say today's benefit is not meant to be sad, instead it's meant to be a reflection of the positive and happy life Corey lived.

"That's what this is about it's a celebration, like I said Corey was always fun always. Even if he was doing something that he didn't like he was always smiling always happy, he was just a happy upbeat kid," says Leroy.

His friends are now starting a scholarship in Corey's name to keep his memory alive. The money will help a college bound student-athlete from Nottingham high school where Corey played baseball. His friends say they'll be looking for a student who has the same qualities they say Corey did, generosity, selflessness and loyalty.


Corey was a friend to everyone he always had a smile on his face. Everybody was always happy around him. He was a very generous person a good friend to everyone and we wanted to take today to celebrate that and at the same time turn something tragic into something good by starting a scholarship fund

," says Disinger.

His friends want to continue the scholarship indefinitely, helping as many students as they can, while also making sure Corey is never forgotten.

For more information on how to donate to the fund, email