Bernie Fine accuser reveals addiction

Zach Tomaselli, who has accused Bernie Fine of sexual abuse when he was younger, has taken to the internet to broadcast his feelings about the case, how he's been treated by prosecutors, and more. Tomaselli engaged in an hour long live video chat on the website UStream Friday evening.

Tomaselli revealed very little new information about his claims against Bernie Fine, who he says abused him sexually during an SU road game in Pittsburgh when he was a teenager. Tomaselli says federal investigators have him on camera in Pittsburgh. His whereabouts have been called into question by Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick who has indicated school records show Tomaselli was in school on the day in question. Tomaselli repeatedly called Fitzpatrick a friend of Fine's who is lying. Fitzpatrick has said in the past he barely knew Bernie Fine.

Among the other things revealed in the hour long live chat: Tomaselli says he should have never doctored emails he sent to reporters who were covering his abuse claims. He says he was once addicted to the powerful painkiller oxycontin - a drug he was given to deal with cluster headaches. Tomaselli revealed that he got involved in drugs and that police made him go undercover and help bust people (although he did not get specific on which police agency was involved or if the bust he mentioned netted any arrests).

Recounting the abuse he claims he suffered at the hands of his own father, Tomaselli indicated that he still loves his father. He also reiterated his claim that his parents sent him to a special camp that would transform him from being gay into a straight man. Tomaselli also says he is a severe weather storm chaser who spent time helping victims of the devastating tornado in Joplin, MO.

At the end of the chat, Tomaselli told those who were watching that he will engage in more live internet chats.