Bernie Fine defense attorneys: 'No comment beyond initial statement'

Bernie Fine's defense attorneys say they will not comment on new allegations coming to light on Sunday. A statement from Fine's lawyers was released to NBC News Sunday afternoon.

Attorneys Donald Martin and Karl Sleight said, "Mr. Fine will not comment on newspaper stories beyond his initial statement. Any comment from him would only invite and perpetuate ancient and suspect claims. Mr. Fine remains hopeful of a credible and expeditious review of the relevant issues by law enforcement authorities."

The day after the Bobby Davis interview aired on ESPN, Bernie Fine denied the allegations calling them, "patently false."

Three people have now come forward accusing the longtime SU assistant coach of sexually molesting them. Syracuse Police, state troopers and other investigators raided Fine's home in DeWitt Friday as part of the investigation.

Sunday morning an audio tape of Bernie Fine's wife, Laurie was aired by ESPN. In the recording Laurie Fine claims she had knowledge of what was going on and refered to her husband saying, "he has issues."

CNYcentral's Lisa Spitz went to the Fine home Sunday afternoon but no one answered and all the lights were off. There is a sign by the door that reads, "We believe in your innocence Bernie, We love you."

Syracuse University tweeted this message today:" In light of new developments, we'd like to reassure you that SU is committed to getting to the truth in the Bernie Fine situation." The University went on to say, "We hold everyone in our community to high standards and we don't tolerate illegal, abusive, or unethical behavior - no matter who you are."