Bevis the dog benefits from Shamrock Animal Fund and a caring veterinarian

Bevis the dog, Shamrock Animal Fund beneficiary

Roy Blandford is a mechanic by trade. Just a few years ago he spent his winters repairing golf carts. The work dried up a few years before he was ready to retire. Along the way he acquired a friendly a close friend, Bevis the dog.

Over the last year the nine year old medium size pit bull mix developed a mass that hung from her belly. It was a tumor, the kind that most female dogs can avoid by being spayed at an early age. Initially his veterinarian told Roy the tumor would likely take Bevis' life. Months later she was feeling well despite the mass.

"It kept getting bigger and bigger," said Blandford. "The vet said she might die, but she kept going. Finally it had to be removed." Roy's attachment to his companion forced him to search for ways to pay for surgery that would cost hundreds of dollars. "Bevis has been a very good dog," Blandford remarked. "Obedient, friendly a joy to have around. "

Blandford contacted the

Shamrock Animal Fund

. Co-founder and President Jamie Pomilio-Mulcahy explained how the fund worked. Blandford would have to document his financial need. He would have to go to a veterinarian willing to offer a discount. Only then would the Shamrock Animal Fund help pay some of the cost of the bill. He followed through. With Jamie's help he scheduled an appointment with Dr. Joan Graulich of the Nottingham Pet Clinic.

Dr. Graulich took x-rays and agreed to perform surgery. The radiographs showed the cancer had not apread beyond the tumor. "The owner is quite attached to this little dog. Sheâ??s a very sweet dog," explained Graulich, "Our options would be to euthanize her or do palliative care which is remove the ulcerated oozy tumor and allow her to heal so she could enjoy what time she has left with her owner."

Dr. Graulich gowned up and went to work. Inside the intimate operating room the beeping sound of the heart and respiration monitor kept time. This experienced veterinarian worked quickly snipping away tissue and tying off blood vessels. Bevis was going to make it.

"She is a sweet little dog and I know he wouldnâ??t have been able to do this without the Shamrock Fund," said Dr. Gralulich. "And, I know heâ??d be pretty sad without his best friend."

The idea of a healthy Bevis put a smile on the face of that retired mechanic Roy Blandford. He said, "

Thank you Shamrock Animal Fund."

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The Shamrock Animal Fund is a 501c3 not-for-profit founded more than three years ago by CNYCentral news anchor Matt Mulcahy and his wife Jamie Pomilio-Mulcahy.