Big Changes Coming to a Popular Park and Pond

There will soon be big changes coming to a popular park and pond inSyracuse's valley section.

There will soon be big changes coming to a popular park and pond in Syracuse's valley section. There's a new partnership to spruce up Webster pond.

Amelia Kincie of Lafayette comes to Webster pond with her two granddaughters any chance they can get.

"When they come to see me, it's the first thing they say. 'Let's go to the duck pond.' It's the first thing they say," says Amelia Kincie of Lafayette.

Feeding the ducks and walking around the pond has always been a family tradition. However, not everyone is able to explore all the way around the pond.

"I've been a member of this pond since 1996. And, ever since then, I've only really seen the front part of the pond," says Chad Norton, VP of Webster Pond.

Norton is the pond's biggest advocate and spends time here nearly every day.

Thanks to a new partnership that includes the Anglers Association, Covanta Onondaga and Green Hills markets, they plan to serve a variety of visitors.

"We just donated $2,300 which will make all the bridges and the tunnels in the park A.D.A compliant. So, Chad and the other individuals can come through this park and can enjoy this wonderful area," says Kathleen Carroll, Covanta Business Manager.

In addition to the donations, Covanta is asking for help. Anyone who donates to this project, they will match dollar for dollar.

"To go all the way around the pond is going to feel like a new door in my life just opened," says Norton.

"It means to me that they have a strong commitment to this community to keep it going," says Kincie


nd, if its important for someone like, K
incie to have her family enjoy the pond, maybe its important for generations to come.

Phase one of the bridge reconstruction will be completed this year. They hope to have the whole project completed in two to three years so the park will be accessible for everyone to enjoy.

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