Big power outage hits Syracuse's northern suburbs

Residents in the Cherry Estates area of Clay relying on home generators, after power went out Saturday night. National Grid is trying to pinpoint a damaged underground power line.

Several hundred National Grid customers in the Town of Clay will have to wait a bit longer to get their power back on. That means most of them will have been without electricity for well over 12 hours. The latest estimate for power restoration is 12:30am on Monday.

The National Grid outage webpage lists more than 1,500 customers without power in Clay, but a National Grid spokesperson says roughly 200 customers are still without power. Crews are trying to switch as many of them as possible to other electricity sources, to help narrow down the problem area.

In Clay, approximately 20 people are also without power because of a second faulty cable discovered after 6pm on Sunday evening.

The utility says it's an underground cable that's faulty, and it will be repaired, as soon as the problem is pinpointed. A company spokesperson tells us that crews are working on Lawton Road, between Route 31 and Caughdenoy Road.

A neighbor in the Cherry Estates development tells us he saw crews on Avoss Lane, off Fortuna Parkway.

Close to 12-hundred customers in Clay and Cicero were out, at the outage peak. First outages happened between 10:30 and 11pm Saturday night. By 8am Sunday, all Cicero customers were back on, along with several hundred Clay residents, though the utility did that by switching them to other electrical sources.

Tim Cassidy was one of the neighbors without power. "I was still up so the lights just went out, I was just getting ready for bed and everything went dead, so I was like I guess I don't have to turn it off," says Cassidy.

Susan Majewski was another customer without power. "I

t doesn't tell you anything like ok this is when it's going to be restored. Years ago that's how it was when it was Niagara Mohawk. You'd call and even though it was automated they'd say we're aware of the problem and it should be repaired by such and such a time. It's frustrating because you can't find out anything. I had to call the news


you folks to find out anything

," says Majewski.