Bikes are now being accepted for the Christmas Bike Giveaway

Christmas Bike Giveaway


olunteers are now taking bikes from the community to be fixed up and given to children and families in need this holiday season.

Jan Maloff is the organizer with this bike giveaway. "It's a very hectic time and a very rewarding time and these people that are getting the bikes you can tell they're truly appreciative so you feel that people know that they're cared about," says Maloff.

It's all part of the Central New York Family Bike Giveaway. Volunteers accept bike donations from neighbors who have no more use for an older bike.

Jim Fuller was one of the neighbors donating his son's old bike to add to the hundreds the group already has. "M

y kids got a lot of years out of them and it's great that someone's gonna work on them, get them to the kids. You know like you said, they may not have anything under their tree, but at least now they have something to use to give them a lot of good times in the summertime

," says Fuller.

After the bikes are fixed up here, they're given to families in need so they have something to unwrap for the holidays.

Matthew Fields was fixing up bikes for needy families. "

I just wanna see the looks on the kids faces when they walk away with a new bike, an old bike, whatever

," says Fields.

After fixing up these bikes for nearly two decades, organizers here with Christmas Bike Giveaway would like to see this effort continued on from Central New York and on to the national level.

"People in every community hopefully care about the others who are less fortunate, there are literally millions of bicycles sitting in garages, sitting in basements that one day people will just take to the curb," says Maloff.

The group is asking for donations to help their efforts. The giveaway date is the Saturday before Christmas and organizers say it will likely be at Fowler High school in the gymnasium. A time is still being worked out. We will update when a time becomes available. You can bring a bike into the Dairy building at the fairgrounds or to Advance Cyclery in Syracuse until December 20th. For more information on how to help, click here.