Bill influenced by David Renz case could make it a felony to tamper with electronic monitoring devices

David Renz's electronic monitoring device

There is a new push in Albany to change more laws in light of the David Renz case. State Senator Patty Ritchie wants to make it a felony crime to tamper with electronic monitoring devices.

Renz is accused of removing his ankle bracelet before killing Liverpool librarian Lori Bresnahan and raping a 10-year-old girl.

If approved, the bill would make it a felony for anyone who tampers with a device and commits another violent crime. If convicted, the person would face up to four years in prison on the charge or up to one year in jail if no other crime is involved.

Currently, it is only a violation of parole and not a separate crime.

"Electronic monitoring devices are intended to help law enforcement keep watch over suspected or convicted criminals, who might otherwise be held behind bars," Senator Ritchie said. "But this horrific case shows that they are far from fool-proof. My bill seeks to create a strong deterrent for continued criminal activity, a valuable tool for law enforcement, and an additional level of protection to keep the community safe."

Renz was awaiting federal child pornography charges when he reportedly tampered with the device as many as 46 times before the rape and murder in Clay back in March.

Senator Ritchie plans to push for passage of the measure before the scheduled end of the legislative session next week.