Bitter below zero temperatures blast CNY again

Syracuse has done it again! No, I am not talking about another come from behind win for the basketball team. I am referring to yet another bitterly cold beginning. For the 12th day this winter season, Hancock Airport has reached below zero. As is typically the case, there were many colder countryside and rural locations across our area that reached to double digits below zero (-10 to -20°). I thought it would be a good idea to do some research about â??below zero daysâ?? in Syracuse.

According to the National Weather Service in Binghamton, Syracuse normally receives 7 days of below zero weather each winter season. This, personally, caught me by surprised. I thought the number would be lower. But that is the average number from all statistics since 1902. The record highest number of days during a winter season is 20 days. This was done twice during the 1983-1984 winter season and during the 1947-48 winter season. While the winter season of 2013-2014 is well above normal with 12 days so far, it is still far from that record 20 days.

It was well below 0° this morning across much of CNY. Check out these 2 maps here: and here: to see how cold it got this morning across many towns and cities and how different it was from place to place.

In the short to medium term, temperatures are expected to turn milder. After receiving some late Monday night into Tuesday wind and snow, alongside seasonable temperatures, Wednesday through Friday will be the warmest period we have had in a while. The last time Syracuse reached 40° was February 2nd. The last time Syracuse reached 50° was January 13th. As always with thaws, we will keep a sharp eye on the potential for any localized or ice jam river flooding towards Friday and Saturday.

Are you ready for milder temperatures? You can tell me about your feelings about the recent cold and snow and the upcoming moderating trend on our CNYcentralâ??s Facebook page!

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