Blind kitten recovering after eye removal surgery

An update on the story of a blind, abandoned kitten who was found outside of a veterinary office in Cayuga County one week ago.

Cayuga Veterinary Services says the kitten had successful surgery Saturday to remove its eyes. The kitten is doing very well, and is playing and climbing.

The office says it has heard from several people who have come forward who are interested in adopting the kitten. Veterinarians are waiting for her to heal, and then they will have evaluate how to choose a new home for her.

CNY Central has fielded numerous calls, emails, and comments about the story of this kitten, from here in Central New York and across the country. Scroll to the bottom of this article to read some of them for yourself.

Original Story:

On Tuesday morning, the veterinarians at Cayuga Veterinary Services found someone had left a kitten outside their door in a crate. It didn't take long for them to learn that the cat's eyes were so badly infected and it could not see a thing.

"It's fairly rare this would happen, especially to both eyes with this severity but the health challenge for this kitten is - it's too late for the eyes," said Dr. Dale Ottosen

The staff at Cayuga Veterinary Services hasn't given the kitten a name, because they are hoping to find a permanent home for her after she undergoes surgery to remove her eyes.

"She's used to her world without vision and she's going to be fine," said Dr. Marilyn Ottosen. "She's playful, energetic and she loves to climb."

On Thursday morning, the kitten cautiously explored an exam room by using her whiskers and paws. She is believed to be about seven months old and in good health - except for her eyes. The veterinarians believe she can have a long and happy life, as long as she receives some special care.

"Blind animals need to have their world introduced bit by bit and once they memorize the furniture pattern they'll be fine but you need to make sure the doors stay closed so they don't get out where they could get lost and hurt," said Dr. Ottosen

The veterinarians also said it's important that any other pets in a potential home be gentle with a cat that can't see.

To contact Cayuga Veterinary Services about adopting the cat, email or call 315-253-7871.

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